I'm a writer, academic and photographer. I'm currently working on a conservation and photographic project in the Peruvian Amazon (One Tree in a Billion).  


My academic background is in anthropology, literary theory, environmental philosophy, Buddhism and American poetry.  I'm an Associate Lecturer for the Open University London and a Fractional Lecturer in Humanities at Kingston University.



I've worked as a trekking and mountain guide throughout the greater ranges from the Karakorum, Tien Shan, Himalaya,

Andes and Tibet and have a particular interest in wildlife.  I’ve photographed wildlife from seashore to summit and specialise in challenging environments: “that hideous & desolate wilderness,full of wild beasts & wild men”. My current photographic projects are the predators (I'm working on urban foxes) , raptors ( I'm an associate ringer of Red Kites) and the forest canopy (I hold the ACAP - Advanced Canopy Access Proficiency). 




I'm available for photographic jobs  - sports, weddings, portraiture, reportage, documentary, and commercial- throughout London and the Southeast – further afield by arrangement



                                                                                                This is not a self-portrait.