Full Screen Galleries

You can create galleries of photos with large format photos suitable for displaying at full screen size.

  1. Simply create a portfolio (album) and then add some galleries to it.
  2. Into each gallery upload large photos (circa 1200 x 800 pixels at 72dpi).

The Portfolio Manager then displays a special link which you can use on any page to create a link to view the full screen gallery. The gallery will open in a new window, and pressing F11 will expand the window to the full size of your monitor.

The gallery does not use Flash, which means that it can be viewed on all mobiles including the iPhone and iPad.

Click to view our own demo Full Page Gallery  (this is created on our website www.photographers-portfolio.co.uk )

Or click the image below (you can make the link using text or any image)

Click to view the full screen gallery